Saturday, November 13, 2010

fricken, fraking, FRÄCK

In my IKEA spotting I thought I'd get lucky and catch Doctor Who trying to pass off an IKEA item in the far future. Instead it looks like Battlestar Galactica gets that honor. I just started watching it for the first time last night and what do I see?

In the washroom a FRÄCK extending magnifying mirror.


Sadly, upon further research it appears that I am not that clever at all. It has already been noted on the IMDB trivia page. They even go and point out the frak / FRÄCK cleverness of it all. However, I did notice it on my own so I'm claiming some points for discovery :) 

Now I wonder if I can find anything else. Stay tuned.

There's a lot of scenery clutter and I'm actually trying to pay attention to the show but I found something new. On the right is the ATTITYD drawer unit. Staring right at me.

Season 1, Episode 6

Once I'm done, I may have to skim back through the episodes to see if I missed anything else. Stay tuned.

(Yes. Yes, I am a nerd.)

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  1. Hello.
    There is Rusch in the Colonial One (in 1x01 "33") and a I-don't-remember-the name khaki towel at the beginning of 1x02 "Water".