Friday, November 5, 2010

A challenge

A blog challenge has been laid before me. Instead of just spotting furnishings a friend wants me to do an IKEA dishware post. The pressure was on. Shortly after the challenge was made I responded to her chat request thusly:  "Well, excuse me I'm trying to spot and somehow determine if generic ass dishes & glasses match the generic ass dishes carried at IKEA"

The thing is while IKEA has many distinct furnishings and textiles their dishware and glassware is pretty normal. We love that it is incredibly inexpensive and quite normal. I have been scouring my screencaps of known IKEA heavy tv shows in the hopes of spotting something. So far I cannot say with any certainty that the dishes/glasses match IKEA's dishes/glasses. A few IKEA items are too similar to other brands to know for sure. However in my files I did find something that made me happy.

I wonder if my friend will make a concession and allow the DROPPAR food storage series to be counted under the dishware category?

Chuck, Season 3 Episode 17 - (r. under cabinets) DROPPAR

Yea or nay, I will continue the search (cursing her the whole way I'm sure :) but I could use a little help. Send spottings to ikeaspotter [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. I say it counts. But your friend gave you a CRAZY job. I bet she thinks you're so awesome at this that you needed something a little more difficult to look for.

    It is true, the dishware is similar to many other companies out there. It's nice to go to Ikea and have things look as good as Crate & Barrel. Then when people accidentally knock over your wine glasses or drop the plate into the sink you don't cry.