Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funday - This too is awesome.

If you enjoyed last week's Sunday Funday then I have another one for you. This is also a video done by OK GO however this one upped the amazing factor by 1000. (I know last week I said 10 but after rewatching & capping I needed to revise my estimate.)

This video is for a song called This Too Shall Pass and its centerpiece is a Rube Goldberg Machine. Filmed in one continuous shot, it took them 60 takes (resetting the machine each time) and over two days to get a successful run. This article over at Wired give you more behind the scenes information. Mind Boggling

Why is this video so amazing? Not only is this an incredibly complex concept relying on exact precision for the machine to work and to be perfectly in sync with the song but there are IKEA gems incorporated into the layout.

See for yourself.

I know right? I've watched it numerous time, not just for spotting purposes but because there are so many little details. It boggles my mind thinking about how this was conceived and executed. So, what did you see? 

Click for a larger image. 

Items used in the machine - LILLABO train track, 2 EXPEDIT 2x4 bookcases, EVERT stools in yellow & orange, LACK side table (multiple colors), LACK coffee table, FROSTA stool, MARIUS stool, NOT floor lamp, SUNE stool and a ton of creativity. Did I miss anything?

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