Thursday, October 21, 2010

These are the small storage you are looking for

IKEA and small storage. The combination of those two words makes many people giddy. Anytime I am at IKEA there is a product that, without fail, I will look at, pick up, contemplate buying and put back. It's practical, comes in a two pack and is affordable. Only thing is, I am not a metal girl. I'm talking about the EMU.


 Not to be confused with this:

I want to own a set but I always talk myself out of it. I already have tons of storage. I think metal is too contemporary for my look. But then I see the EMU peeking out from various places on TV; all with different decors and I begin to think again: "maybe I could make it work."

Two are seen in Leonard & Sheldon's apartment on The Big Bang Theory.

At the nurse's station in the clinic on House.

On the kitchen counter on iCarly (more on that tomorrow).

In the newly rebuilt / redesigned Castle on CHUCK. 

(Side note: This was a difficult shot to get. Since the premiere of Season 4 there were many glimpses, partial and blurry views of the EMU. I have a folder of almost but not good enough to post screencaps. Thankfully I got a clean cap and it also features the lovely Yvonne Strahovski. You're welcome.)

I'd say they are quite versatile. Next time I look at them in the store and think I cannot make it work I need to remember the following - All IKEA products can be modified and hacked. You just have to think outside the box. (Ouch, yes I just said that.)

While looking for a good shot of Big Mike's EFFEKTIV cabinets in his office on Chuck I almost overlooked the pair of EMU painted yellow.



  1. Those are nice. I always think about getting the wooden ones that look like an old card catalog, but never do. Do you know what those are called?

  2. These could be neat in an open pantry type storage area too. They'd sure keep mice out it were aproblem for you.

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