Monday, October 11, 2010

How do you know: If you are obsessed with IKEA?

It never fails. You are watching something as simple as a two minute a trailer for an adorable romantic comedy and suddenly you get preoccupied by something lurking in the background. You cannot help yourself. It's sitting right there and you're compelled to announce it to yourself (and your perplexed bunny). That is most definitely an IKEA PS clock. (If you are an IKEA fan you know what I'm talking about.)

This is how you know.

The real trouble starts when you post the trailer to your Facebook page giving your friends a short little review. And before you hit send you just have to add that you noticed that the “red clock is totally from IKEA”.

Sigh. That is when a friend, for the umpteeth time, suggests you create a pop culture blog highlighting all the fantastic, humorous and sometimes incongruous places you have seen IKEA products on TV and in movies.

So here it is. And, it all started with a little romantic comedy I probably won't wind up seeing anyway.


  1. I love this and look forward to reading about more of your finds! I remember first learning about Ikea way back in college from an episode of "Friends." Now that I've shopped there dozens of times, I'm in love with their stuff -- and their cafeteria!

  2. love love love love LOVE this. :)