Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Home improvement shows are full of IKEA Spotting potential. After spending a weekend with my sister and watching a marathon of HGTV shows I quickly lost count of all the items I saw. She just chuckled at me every time I pointed something out. I am lucky I don't have HGTV at home or else I would go mad. 

Many home shows bring in IKEA products for the same reasons we are fans of the brand ourselves. The price is affordable. The products are versatile and they are easy to put together. (Side note: We all know it is a running joke that assembling IKEA products require a degree in engineering. I never found that to be the case.  That being said - I am the queen of As-Is finds so more often than not I luck out and snag my goodies already pre-assembled.) IKEA does not pay for product placement so it is a testament to their products that they show up so frequently.

I recently saw a great hack for an Expedit bookcase on Design To Sell. They added moulding to the bottom of a 2x4 Expedit bookcase, set it up on the pre-existing vanity and created lots on new storage space. It looks like it was a built in unit.

Down in the living room they brought in a lack coffee table and added it to their yard sale furniture.

It all looks very classy and sophisticated. Who would have guessed it came packed in a flat box?

HGTV is incredibly helpful when it comes to making the products featured on their shows available to the viewing public. Here is the HGTV Marketplace listing for IKEA products and the shows in which they were featured. The site will be listed over on the side bar with other IKEA sites I use.

As I said above, I would lose my mind if I had to keep track of all the fabulous IKEA appearances on the many design shows. I will most likely not make regular posts featuring this topic. I hope you understand. If you see something that is above and beyond awesome and think it should be shared send me an email at ikeaspotter [at] gmail [dot] com. I love to hear feedback and to know I am not alone in my obsession.


  1. I love Expedit!! I'd use them all over the house if I didn't already have perfectly functional bookcases from B.I. (before Ikea -- can't believe there was a time when I didn't know anything about the store!)

  2. Sue- Expedit is very versatile. I have some spottings coming up that may surprise you! Stay tuned.

  3. I may just be coveting that coffee table right now!

  4. Thanks to that weekend, I now wonder about the majority of items they use on these shows... you know I am addicted to certain designers/shows like you are to this design!! lol!!