Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

I received a shock the other day. A part of our family was taken away from us without warning. I am saddened that such a versatile, adorable little guy who had so much potential is....gone. Let's take a moment to grieve for the Benjamin stool.

It is the circle of life. Old things must stagger off to die so new products can be made available to us. We like new stuff. Think of how excited you get when the new glossy catalog arrives with all the new glossy products. Something had to be sacrificed. It doesn't make it any easier. Loyal fans fly into a tizzy when something they love gets discontinued. Just ask Susan at IKEA FANS who posted about it a few months ago.

Allow me to take the opportunity to share with you some products that are gone from our shelves but not from our TV shows.

ENETRI - Grey's Anatomy - Chief's office

TRAKTOR - Doctor Who - Series 2 Episode 8

MIKAEL - NCIS - Season 2 Episode 21

 MACKIS - The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's room

MACKIS - iCarly - Shay's apartment


JERKER desk - NCIS - McGee's apartment

The JERKER desk has to be the #1 most lamented discontinued item of IKEA fans. It was replaced by the FREDRIK and for many it is not the same. What's the difference?

Through out various posts I have been ranking my personal list of most missed items. My number 1 is a tie. First, my local IKEA no longer offers the Lingonberry soda in the fountain drinks. So sad. I loved that tart yumminess. The other :

The FIRA mini-chest. The most hackable IKEA product ever. Yes, assembling could be a challenge with all the wee little nails and thin pieces of wood. However, these drawers had an infinite number of possibilities and was worth the difficulty. I am lucky enough to own four. The day I walked through the small storage section and didn't see my FIRAs I was saddened. I was sad enough when they discontinued the MACKIS and now we are left without wooden storage drawers of any kind.

So if you see something and think "Oh, I will get it next time" look for the bright yellow Last Chance sign because that is the only way IKEA notifies us that something will soon be no more. Sometimes, we don't even get the sign. If there is something you are looking for check Craigslist & the Swap/Exchange forum at IKEA Fans.

(Let me know if the formatting gets wonky. There is a lot going on in this post.)


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