Friday, October 29, 2010

Doctor Who - near future - part 2

Yesterday I started documenting the IKEA furniture in the Doctor Who series 2 episode Fear Her. I covered the bedroom and now the showroom continues with the living room.

KARLSTAD sofa and KARLSTAD chair

KLUBBO coffee table

LACK shelving unit with accessories in the office area.

I'm 80% sure the desk is a GALANT glass top but they don't show enough of it for me to be certain. This is the best shot I could get.

In front of the desk is an URBAN chair seen through the doorway from the kitchen to the office area. On the wall is a SPONTAN metal board.

The kitchen is a full IKEA kitchen but you know me. Can anyone give me the specific names?

So there it is. Usually I find one or two pieces when I'm spotting but rarely anything this extensive. I'm still waiting to catch Doctor Who using IKEA furniture in the very far future but they've been good so far. I'll keep looking.

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