Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doctor Who - near future - part 1

If you thought Penny's apartment was a treasure trove of IKEA goodness than wait until you see the set for  Doctor Who, series 2 episode 11. The episode titled Fear Her, is set in 2012 London just prior to the Olympics. The furniture is so extensively IKEA that the episode could have been filmed in an actual showroom mock-up. 

In her bedroom she has an EXPEDIT 4x4 bookcase with LEKMAN boxes and a 3 drawer birch Aneboda dresser (discontinued).

A MALM bed

What looks like a ALVINE FLORA pillow on the floor by the window. An EINA bedside table (discontinued) and an IKEA desk. The desk is discontinued and I can't find my notes on it, sorry. Although I couldn't get a good shot of them, even the curtains are hung with RIKTIG curtain rings.

 Here is another shot of the EINA & desk.

Out in the hallway is a LACK side table. Briefly seen it the episode but clearly seen here in the behind the scenes special. The pendant hanging looks like it could be the MELODI.

We'll continue to look at the living room and kitchen tomorrow. Stay tuned.

A bonus shot showing a little TV magic:

It is indeed a set built from scratch so the production team specifically chose to furnish it with IKEA products.

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