Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There will be no lack of Chuck.

In honor of Chuck's full-season pick-up announced yesterday we're going to take a tour of Chuck's living room.

In the first two seasons Chuck was living with his sister and her boyfriend. In season 3, since the couple was now married, they decided to move across the courtyard leaving their apartment to Chuck. His best friend Morgan took this opportunity to move in with him. What do two bachelors do when they need to decorate their new pad? Apparently take a trip to IKEA.

Here is a shot of the wall in the living room. You can see that the flatscreen TV is framed by 2 LACK shelving units and 4 short LACK wall shelves.

I regularly see LACK pieces in birch effect or black. The red is bold and gorgeous. You can buy it directly, this is not a hack.

In a close-up you can see the shelving units have GRUNDTAL spotlights under each shelf. The TV is sitting on a BESTÅ JÄGRA tv unit. The BESTÅ JÄGRA is usually hidden behind the couch or hidden in the shadows, depending on the angle. It is easier to spot something when it is also sitting in your own living room.

It is really hard to see and I can't find a closer shot but that may be a GRÖNÖ lamp in the corner, on the mantel. It's not lit so it is hard to tell. Speaking of lamps, Chuck's living room features the really beautiful KULLA in red.

Here's another angle of the KULLA*. Really I just love Adam Baldwin's expression and thought it had to be shared.

The rest of the apartment is severely lacking in hidden gems. We do see on occasion the dining area from the correct angle to spot the 3 IKEA 365+ LUNTA pendant lamps.

Congratulations Chuck, on the renewal. There are still much more IKEA goodies from this show. Stay tuned.

*Product note: The KULLA & BRASA line of lamps have a touch dimmer that has a documented short life span. These are beautiful lamps that CAN be repaired if the dimmer fails. All you need is the info provided on this IKEA Hacker post and a handy person.

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  1. Okay, bachelors are NOT this savvy unless gay. Or have a gay best friend...just saying...