Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The big blue box and the little blue chair.

There are many things one can hope to see in all of time and space, everything that ever was or ever will be. That is what makes Doctor Who so wonderful. You might be able to see the creation of the universe, the destruction of Earth 5 billion years in the future or you can emerge from the TARDIS in a Welsh mining village in the year 2020. Perhaps not the most exotic locale but when you are with the Doctor trouble is always just around the corner. 

In The Hungry Earth (Series 5 Episode 8) while the characters are huddled in a church awaiting the arrival of an unknown subterranean threat my attention is distracted by a little blue chair up high on a shelf. 

It sticks out a bit doesn't it? Throughout the episode the little Mammut chair shows that he is a character just as much as the human actors.

Here he is, like any hard working extra, trying to get as much screen time as possible.

A scene with the Doctor. Swoon.
Here is an establishing shot before his big action sequence. He is not just an unassuming set piece.

 The threat is approaching. Rory can't take his eyes of him....

wait for it...

"...it's here".

Little blue chair down. Poor Mammut. He takes it like the highly durable champ he was designed to be.

Mammut's fall occurs in a pivotal scene when the threat has broken the surface. His plunge adds that little extra element of suspense to the scene. The human actors would have looked silly randomly stumbling and shaking on their own. If the furniture is falling off the shelves than something bad is really happening. Why else would they have a bright blue chair hanging out in a brown & gray set?

Later on, when calm has settled (for now) we get our last glimpse of little blue. He is sitting safely next to his new best friend, Rory. Job is done. All is well.


  1. Cute chair. I like it!!

  2. It's 2015 (halfway from 2010 and 2020!), and I'm watching Doctor Who Season 5 for the first time. I immediately noticed the Mammut chair and I thought: I wonder if someone else noticed it...
    I couldn't imagine a whole blog dedicated to spotting Ikea furniture in popular clulture :) :) :)